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Fuel the Habit seeks to provide you with vitality on a cellular level, giving you optimal energy through healthy meals, while offering the support and guidance to reach your individual health and fitness goals

ABBIE is a Certified Natural Foods Chef trained at The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. She has been cooking professionally since 2010, where she honed her culinary skills in various New York City restaurants. She later discovered personal chef work as an alternative to the restaurant world, realizing it was more in tune with her ambition to work one on one with individuals. She enjoys being able to help clients achieve their specific health goals through the preparation of nutritious meals, which express her whole food philosophy. Abbie now offers her expertise to the Greater Portland, Maine area.

MOLLIE is a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and RRCA run coach with 8 years of experience. As an adolescent, dance played an integral role in Mollie's life.  She attended weekly ballet, jazz and tap classes, and was also selected to be in the Performing Arts Program in high school, with a focus on dance. Dance was always at the cornerstone of her life, she loved how it made her feel, without even realizing it was a form of exercise. After her first semester at college without dance, she gained weight and began exploring other areas of fitness. It was then that her love of exercise began.  She was introduced to weight training, running and different types of classes. She started running road races of varying distances, as a way to push herself out of her comfort zone.After graduating from the University of Delaware she moved to New York City and spent four years working in publishing. During that time, she found many ways to further explore her love of fitness. She would run, exploring the city, before and after work. On her lunch break she would try out new workout classes.  She felt a natural pull towards a career in exercise and fitness. With the guidance of amazing and motivating people in the fitness field she took the leap.

Mollie seeks to inspire her clients to find their own personal way through fitness. She hopes to empower clients to find strength through the movement of exercise and see them truly flourish.

Fuel the Habit will Strengthen, Nourish and help you Flourish

Personal Chef

Natural foods chef

Offering personal chef services catered to your unique health goals and food preferences. Abbie believes by fueling your body with the freshest ingredients available and using whole, natural foods you are setting yourself up for a successful life. Abbie has a strong background in creating dishes unique to each client's needs, while focusing on seasonality and obtaining the finest ingredients available. 

Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach

Offering a variety of options: One on one personal training, partner training, small group training, online run training, running sessions, prenatal, postnatal, Mommy and baby training, in home training, in park training.

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