Personal Chef Services

In-home Chef Service

PERSONALIZED MEAL PLANNING. To gain a better understanding of what you are interested in, I will set up a complimentary session where we will discuss your unique health goals, food preferences, dietary restrictions and kitchen details to create a meal plan and menu that works for you. This can be done in person, via telephone or through email. You can choose from various entree, lunch, breakfast and snack options to compose your meals for the week. 

FUEL SELECTION. After selecting your menu for your scheduled cook session, I gather the freshest and highest quality ingredients to prepare your dishes. They are gathered the day of from the freshest sources.

IN HOME FOOD PREPARATION. I arrive at your home on the day of your cook session to prepare the meals, package them in labeled containers and clean up the kitchen. A printed menu will be left to help you keep track of your food options for the week. My goal is for you to find your kitchen in better condition than you left it, with a refrigerator full of meals for you to simply reheat and enjoy at your convenience. 

Meal delivery Service

All the same perks as the Personal Chef Service with the convenience of meals being delivered to your home or office. After deciding your meal plan for the week, I arrive to you with labeled, prepackaged meals and a printed menu. Deliveries are scheduled around your convenience. 

Vacation Chef Service 

All the same perks as the Personal Chef Service, available to you at your vacation property. This services enables you to relax and truly enjoy your vacation, without the hassle of grocery shopping and cooking. Abbie will stock your refrigerator with your favorite foods and meals for you to enjoy at your convenience throughout your vacation. She is also available for on-demand meal services. 

Cooking Classes

Abbie is eager to help you hone your cooking techniques and learn valuable skills in the kitchen. Sample classes include: basic knife skills, how to incorporate the newest superfood into your meals, and traditional baking with a healthy twist. All classes are unique and customized to fit your specific goals and interests. 


Healthy eating starts here. This service gets you there.